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Trident Foams is proud to be the UK distributor of the AIREX® and BALTEK® range of products. Trident combined with IMPAG (UK) on the 1st of January 2011 so that it could provide the most comprehensive range of core materials possible.


AIREX® a member of the 3A composites group; has long been an international driving force in the development of innovative core materials for composite structures. Its technical expertise are exceptional and it’s product quality without equal. 3A Composites are experts in closed cell speciality foams made from a variety of polymers, and the world's leading producer of balsa wood. Their comprehensive range offers products for all core applications. For over 60 years core materials have been utilised in marine applications to lighten, stiffen and strengthen everything form hull bottoms to fly bridges.


The AIREX range of products and their application now benefits from Tridents logistical systems and all its cutting and shaping facilities which can be applied to the AIREX materials. We can offer next day delivery on stocked foams Monday to Thursday for orders placed before 10am and non-stock items are usually obtained within 2-4 weeks.


Technical advice and samples are available on request.


There are a number of finishing options available for the Airex and Baltek products. View our Overview Finishing Options Document here.

AIREX® R82 - high performance structural foam

AIREX® R82 is a thermoplastic rigid foam with excellent fire resistance, low smoke emissions and toxicity. Other superior features are the outstanding dielectric properties, the excellent stiffness to weight ratio, low water absorption, and high durability.


AIREX® R82 can be thermoformed to simple 3D structures and is highly suitable for structural sandwich components with stringent fire requirements, excellent radar transparency, or in extremely hot or cold environments.


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AIREX® T10 - the industrialised structural PET foam core

AIREX® T10 is a closed-cell, thermoplastic and recyclable polymer foam with a very homogeneous cell structure, high mechanical properties and an outstanding price / performance ratio. It has an extraordinary resistance to fatigue, is chemically stable, UV-resistant and has negligible water absorption. It is thermally stable during high temperature processing and post curing without after expansion or out-gassing. T10 is designed for easy use with all resin systems and processing technologies.

AIREX® T10 is ideally suited for high volume applications of lightweight sandwich structures subjected to static and dynamic loads and/or exposed to elevated temperatures during manufacturing.



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AIREX® T90 - easy to process FST structural foam

AIREX® T90 is a closed-cell, thermoplastic and recyclable, structural PET rigid foam with excellent fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) properties. It is suitable for lamination with all types of resins and processes; it is easy to thermoform and process mechanically. It also offers great chemical resistance, is resistant against UV rays, and does not absorb water. Curing and post curing at increased temperatures is unproblematic as it is very heat-resistant and does not post expand or outgas.


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AIREX® T92 - easy to process structural foam

AIREX® T92 is a thermoplastic structural rigid foam with closed cells and is highly suitable for lamination using all types of resins and processes. The AIREX® T92 manufacturing process results in a structural core material with very consistent properties. Shear strain/damage tolerance is highly improved and allows utilization in most structural sandwich constructions. The foam is very easy to process mechanically, can be thermoformed, and is very heat resistant.


AIREX® T92 is ideal for use with various pre-preg systems at higher temperatures. It is very chemically stable, does not absorb water, and shows no post-expansion.


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BALTEK® SB balsa wood from controlled cultivation; it is cut perpendicular to the grain direction. Balsa is a universal core material due to the excellent styrene and chemical resistance as well as the neutral behavior in terms of temperature fluctuations. Balsa can be processed with all known resin systems and processes and has excellent laminate adhesion properties.

BALTEK® SB is an ideal, sustainable core material made of renewable resources with a very broad range of use.


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